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Short Term Disability

Disability insurance gives you peace of mind by helping you maintain a steady stream of income during an illness or injury.


Protect your paycheck if you’re ill or injured off the-job Your salary provides a steady stream of income to support your family, and helps you purchase the things you want and need. But a disabling illness or injury can interrupt your ability to provide that support, which can have a major financial impact even in the short term. That’s why it’s critical to consider  short-term disability insurance plan from.


The plan offers benefits that replace a portion of your salary if you become unable to work. For many families, a gap in earnings for even a few months could cause a significant impact on your well-being. Short-term disability insurance protects you by providing income replacement coverage.

Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability


Most things in your life depend dramatically on your ability to earn an income. Your home. Your everyday living expenses. Your children's care and educational needs. Your savings. Your hopes for retirement. Your dreams for the future.


So, if your or you income stops due to a disabling Injury or Sickness, how will you pay your mortgage, your household bills, and the everyday living expenses for you and your family? Will you have to dip into your savings or other assets? And will your savings, the equity in your home, your retirement nest egg, and your other assets be able to carry you through until you're recovered and able to return to work? And, would you even want to use up your current financial resources like that, anyway?


With so many things in life being uncertain, why not help protect yourself and your loved ones from the financial risks and uncertainties surrounding a Disability?


Long Term Disability Insurance Plan helps protect you and your spouse/family with monthly disability benefits.

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